Why hair transplantation in Turkey is the best in the world

Why is hair transplantation in Turkey the best in the world, is a question that comes to many people's minds when they see the wide demand that the Turkish state is witnessing from the rest of the world, and the economic costs of hair transplant operations, and the use of the latest advanced technologies, have contributed to this, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

In order to know why hair transplantation in Turkey is the best in the world, we must take note of the techniques used in Turkey for this type of operation.

What are the hair transplant techniques used in Turkey?

There are several techniques used by Turkey in hair transplantation that distinguish it from European countries that still use the old methods, and these techniques are:

First technique FUE
This technique is known as FUE technique, and it is one of the modern techniques that Turkey uses for hair transplantation. This technique relies on extracting complete hair follicles from the donor area, and then collecting these follicles to be re-implanted in incisions made by the doctor in the areas that need treatment, that is, those without hair.

This technique does not require general anesthesia, but local anesthesia suffices, and it gives good results and does not leave any scars like other techniques.

The second technique DHI
This technique relies on transplanting hair follicles that were removed from the donor area in the treated area by injection, and this technique is done with local anesthesia for both the donor and treatment areas, and the “DHI” technique does not cause scars, but leaves small dots on the scalp that the hair covers when it grows .

Third technique FUT
This technique is called a slide hair transplant, where the doctor removes units of hair in the form of a micro-slide by means of a microscope, to ensure that the follicles are not damaged while removing them from the donor area, then the doctor makes incisions to implant the follicles in the area that needs it.

What are the best hair transplant centers in Turkey?
There are several well-known hair transplant centers in Turkey, namely:

MCAN is a possibility of hair transplantation in Turkey
It is a medical tourism company that provides various medical and cosmetic services, and it has been able to occupy a position among the first ranks in Turkey in a very short time, and has also won the award for the best high-quality treatment after performing more than 5000 hair transplant operations in Turkey, and its services have received a rating of 5 Stars by her clients who have performed their surgeries.

It is one of the companies that contribute to the support of medical tourism in Turkey, and it has received support from the Turkish Ministries of Economy and Health.

MCAN deals with the most famous doctors specializing in hair transplantation in America and Europe, and it also uses the latest and most advanced technologies, which are:

FUE hair transplant technique
FUT hair transplant technique
Advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey with MCAN

There are several advantages that Emkan has that made it top the list of the best companies supporting medical tourism in Turkey, and these features are:

Cadres of the best doctors specialized in hair transplantation in Turkey.
The costs of treatment are economical compared to other countries, where the average cost of hair transplants is about 1580 US dollars.
Providing comprehensive health insurance service for patients.
The presence of translators who facilitate communication between medical staff and patients.
She follows up the patient after completing his treatment trip in Turkey and returning to his home country, to check on his health and the results of his operation.
Using the latest methods and techniques in the field of hair transplantation.
Providing a tourist entertainment program for the patient that includes the most prominent landmarks of the country.
Doctor Jenek's Clinic for Hair Transplant

Cosmetic doctor Emre Genic established his hair transplant medical center in 2007, five years after graduating, and he began his career in many specialized hospitals and cosmetic centers, and the Genic Center was considered among the most important hair transplant centers in Turkey

Genenique Center performed nearly 8000 hair transplant operations, and patients flocked to the center from all neighboring countries for its distinction in using modern techniques for hair follicle transplantation, and providing the best offers and competitive prices in the region, and for this the center was a key factor in encouraging and attracting medical tourism to Turkey.

The center performs hair transplantation operations with several techniques, the most important of which are:

FUE . technology
DHI . technology
FUT . Technology
All these techniques are also used in hair transplantation in the beard, mustache and eyebrows, and not only in the scalp.

Advantages of hair transplantation in Dr. Jennick's clinic

The clinic is under the supervision and support of the Ministry of Health of Turkey.
The costs of hair transplantation in it are well thought out and appropriate compared to the rest of the centers, so that the average cost is approximately 2360 US dollars, and the cost follows several factors that depend on it depending on the technology used and the amount of follicles that are transplanted.
All questions and inquiries are received throughout the week.
The center uses the latest technologies and medical means for hair transplantation.
The clinic staff ranks as the best experienced in hair transplantation.
Herneva Aesthetic Clinic
Dr. Kongul Oztok established the Herneva Aesthetic Hair Transplant Clinic with over 12 years of experience, and it is one of the most quality and safe hair transplant centers, and plays an important role in promoting medical tourism in Turkey because of its professional career.

The clinic has performed more than 9,000 successful hair transplant operations and has been well received by the patients, who received treatment services in the clinic by the most famous doctors specializing in the field of hair transplantation. :

DHI . technology
FUE . technology
Dutch-Turkish Higher World Center
The main branch of this center is located in the Netherlands, while the center in Turkey is designed according to international standards with the latest technologies that have been revealed in the field of hair transplantation, and the center contains foreign expertise with professionalism and expertise in

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