Hair transplantation for women in Turkey

Hair Transplant For Women

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Healing steps after hair transplant

Under the supervision of the specialist doctor, the targeted areas of “slow or stunted hair growth” that suffer from hair loss or baldness are identified.

Then identify the donor areas for hair "in which the follicles are strong"

As well as determining the number of follicles that will be extracted from the donor area to the target


The patient undergoes several tests and blood tests to ensure her safety from diseases that prevent the operation, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, liver diseases, and chronic diseases such as syphilis, AIDS, and others.

Then, after ensuring the safety of the examinations, a date for the session is set.


First of all, it is necessary to shave the hair in the targeted area or to shave the entire hair sometimes, according to the technique used for transplantation.

Then the implantation process is carried out using a special technique and tools designed for this purpose, and the doctor supervises that.

After that, the follicles are placed in a special saline solution for preservation


At this stage, the process of cultivating the extracted follicle samples in the previous stage begins in the area to be targeted with cultivation, after opening channels for them using a special device. This stage is done under local anesthesia to spare the patient from feeling pain.


After that, the patient must spend a period of rest and follow a special method of hair washing and sleep, and follow a diet specified by the specialist doctor, for a period of one to two weeks

Then you periodically review the doctor or consult him for any emergency

Often the results begin to appear actually between the fourth and sixth months after the operation


Things To Know

Aromatherapy has a very beneficial effect on the human body and promotes maximum relaxation

Tips before hair transplantation in Turkey for better results and reasonable cost

1. Carry out comprehensive medical examinations as well as analyzes requested by the doctor
2. You must abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking and certain types of medications as required by the doctor from his patient
3. Not to engage in violent types of sports
4. Avoid taking nutritional supplements
5. Also stop taking aspirin unless there is a consultation from a specialist doctor
6. Stay away from spicy food for at least 4 days before the operation
7. Get enough rest and sleep the day before the operation
8. Rely on loose clothing after the operation
9. Avoid using perfumes and any strong smelling substances
10. Avoid drinking stimulants the day before the operation
11. You can also inquire about the prices of hair transplantation for women and check the advantages and services of the medical center where you will perform the operation

The quantity of follicles to be transplanted

The success of the hair transplantation process for women in Turkey depends largely on determining the average number of follicles that must be extracted from the donor areas for transplantation in the targeted areas
On average, the safe number of follicles for each transplant ranges between 4000 to 5000 follicles in the normal condition
The assessment depends on the patient’s condition and the scalp condition, as determined by the specialist doctor.
As the density of the number of follicles in a particular area of the scalp determines whether it is considered a donor area or not

Hair transplantation in Turkey for women - general information

Before going into the exact details of the hair transplant process, there is no objection to knowing some general information about this process and its benefit for women:

What is the hair transplant process?
It is one of the simple surgical operations, which is scientifically classified as a “non-invasive” operation, that is, it does not need to disrupt the patient and sleep in the hospital, and the patient after the operation can go back to her normal life and move freely, with the exception of some notes regarding dealing with new hair until the results of the operation are stable .

This operation is usually performed either in the doctor’s office or in the medical center, and sometimes in the hospital, and in all cases the operation is subject to the same procedures and stages, and the patient receives the same attention

Are women suitable for this process?
Yes, it is suitable for women

In Istanbul, for example, a lot of women’s hair transplantation operations are taking place and they have shown amazing results and high success rates, and it is due to you for your great interest in medical technologies in Istanbul, and the government’s support for medical tourism and its various activities.

When do women think about hair transplantation?
A woman needs a new hair transplant in the following cases:

Existence of hairless areas
Severe hair loss due to burn, injury or old scar
Hair loss due to hormonal or non-hormonal factors (such as mental illness)
Androgenetic baldness in women
Benefits and pros of hair transplantation for women?
The advantages of this process, especially when it is performed in the vital city of Istanbul, where all modern technologies for medicine and treatment are available, are represented in the following points:

Restore the natural look of hair
Stop hair loss and reduce its damage
Strengthen the scalp and stimulate hair follicles
Psychological comfort and relief from stress caused by hair loss and beautiful appearance
Natural hair growth and its normal speed after the operation
Take advantage of the beauty of Istanbul to spend the recovery period in it

Hair transplant costs for women in Turkey

The fixed cost of any operation can only be determined after knowing:

patient's condition
Agricultural target areas
Technique used
number of follicles
But on average, the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey for women is estimated between 1500 to 3000 dollars, and you may find prices in Istanbul cheaper or more expensive depending on the factors we mentioned above.

Tips for women after transplant

After a hair transplant in Turkey-Istanbul, a woman should pay attention to some important tips, especially:

Avoid washing the scalp directly
Adhere to the method of washing hair later, according to the doctor’s advice
Be careful not to scratch the newly transplanted area
Pay attention to the way you sleep so that the scalp is not damaged or inflamed
Wear loose-fitting clothes for easy on and off
Refer to a doctor for any emergency or consultation
In this article, Fanar Hair has provided you with all the information you need about hair transplantation in Turkey for women, and we inform you that we are pleased to communicate with you to ensure a safe treatment and a satisfactory hair transplant in Istanbul with results that will certainly impress you