Hair Transplant For Men

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aroma oils in the process of massage enhances its effect, relieves fatigue.
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Healing steps after hair transplant

The doctor determines the following:

The target area and the area to be transplanted with new hair
The donor area for hair and its density
The number of follicles required for the FUE process
Draw the front line in preparation for the operation


The patient undergoes several medical analyzes and tests to ensure his safety from diseases that may prevent or hinder the transplant process, as well as to check on the patient’s health and to ensure his ability to undergo the operation.

The patient must also undergo some necessary tests for the skin and blood, and this is done under the supervision of a specialist doctor.


Hair shaving contributes to making the task of picking out the follicles very easy. The patient may have to shave the entire head of hair before the transplant process, or to shave only the donor area, depending on the type of technique used for transplantation.

After shaving, local anesthesia is applied to the scalp in preparation for the start of the surgical procedure.


After the application of local anesthesia, the doctor begins to extract strong hair follicles from the donor area by using a special device for this operation, and then saves the extracted follicles in a saline solution "Hypo Thermosol", which contributes to preserving the life of these follicles for a long time after being extracted outside the body.

Of course, this period is sufficient for the end of the process of transplanting the follicles in their new places in the targeted area.



This stage takes place in the following order:

Opening channels for planting new follicles
do farming
According to the technique used for transplantation, the two phases may be performed separately for each one if the technique is FUE, while in the DHI technique, the two processes “opening channels and transplanting” are done with each other at the same time.


You need a recovery period of 7 to 14 days, during which you follow specific methods of washing hair, sleeping and dressing to avoid damaging the new follicles.

You have a lot of advice to spend a healthy medical recovery and preserve the gains of the transplant. Apply all the consultations of the specialist doctor, and review him for any emergency or periodically as agreed between you.

Usually the actual results of transplantation begin to appear after 4 to 6 months, and from the beginning of the second month you can feel the gradual results and the improvement in the appearance of the hair, the strength of the follicles, and the cessation of hair loss.

Before Image
After Image

Things To Know

Aromatherapy has a very beneficial effect on the human body and promotes maximum relaxation
Aromatherapy has a very beneficial effect on the human body and promotes maximum relaxation
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Tips before hair transplantation in Turkey for better results and reasonable cost

1. Performing all medical examinations and blood analysis
2. Completely stop drinking alcohol, smoke and some medications before the operation for a sufficient period with consulting the doctor
3. Stop violent sports
4. Stop taking nutritional supplements
5. Do not take aspirin before the operation without consulting the doctor
6. Avoid spicy foods during the 72 hours before the operation
7. Get enough sleep before the day of the operation
8. Take a shower before coming to the transplant medical center
9. Wear loose fitting clothes.
10. Do not use perfume and odorous materials
11. Avoid drinking stimulants 24 hours before the operation
12. Inquiries about the prices of operations and ascertaining the benefits and services provided by the medical center

The quantity of follicles to be transplanted

One of the sensitive and important matters for the success of the hair transplantation process in Turkey is to determine the average number of follicles that must be extracted from the donor area for transplantation in the target area

The safe number of follicles is estimated on average between 4 to 5 thousand follicles as a maximum in each session, and if more is needed, a second session is determined.

The selection of the donor area depends on its density and the number of follicles to ensure that the scalp is not damaged if the donor area is not dense, and thus extracting the follicles from them in large quantities may lead to collateral damage.

The average density of the number of follicles in 1 square centimeter of the scalp is:
90 to 120 bulbs/cm² for teens
60 to 80 bulbs/square cm for young people

Important information about hair transplantation in Turkey for men

Before we get into the exact details of this process, let us share with you some important preliminary information that should not be overlooked in the journey of searching for a treatment for your hair problems, and when choosing transplantation as a beneficial solution for your condition.

What is a hair transplant?
It is a non-invasive surgical procedure “meaning you can do it in the doctor’s office and you do not need to stay overnight in the hospital” and it is carried out under the supervision of a specialized medical staff and under local anesthesia, and is preceded by several medical examinations to ensure its results.

The idea of ​​hair transplantation is to transfer hair follicles from the “donor area” and transplant them to the “target area” through one of the approved hair transplantation techniques.

What are the reasons for thinking about hair transplant?
Hair is an essential part of the beauty and general appearance of men, so the problems that hair suffers from, such as weak and damaged follicles, hair loss and baldness are considered suffering for those who suffer from them.

Therefore, during the hair transplantation process, one of us seeks to:

stop hair loss
Hair replacement alliance
Restore aesthetic appearance
Treating genetic problems such as genetic baldness, alopecia and others
Finding final solutions to hair problems resulting from psychological crises
Treating hormonal hair loss
Hair regeneration and its appearance completely natural
hair transplant cost
The average cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul for men is between 1000 and 3000 USD, and many factors play a role in determining the price of transplantation, such as:

number of follicles
The type of technology used
The patient's health condition
Number of transplant sessions
The medical center, where each center usually has its own prices
The success rate of the operation.
Hair transplant operations in Turkey for men have proven significantly with a very high rate of success, with an average of 93% of operations conducted throughout the year in Turkey, especially Istanbul, are successful operations.

Successful operations are measured according to several criteria, the most important of which are:

Positive results appear early
Natural hair growth
Fewer side effects and health complications during and after treatment
Lack of inflammation or bruising in the donor and targeted areas of the scalp
In order to ensure the required quality of the operation, you must adhere to the advice given by the doctor before, during and after the operation. Also, in the event of any emergency, you must contact your specialist doctor or the medical center and do not act on your own.

Male candidates for hair transplant

Not all cases require a transplant, and there are also types of men who should not do hair transplantation because this may carry many negative consequences and side effects.

Who is suitable for hair transplant?
Hair transplantation is suitable for the following cases:

Those who suffer from the problem of chronic "severe" hair loss or baldness of any kind, hereditary and non-hereditary
The patient should have a good donor area and have strong follicles
Not suffering from diseases that may prevent you from undergoing transplantation
You must be at least 25 years old
Who is not suitable for hair transplant?
In addition to those under the age of 25, there are also those who suffer from some diseases who cannot perform hair transplantation in Turkey, as there are fears of disturbances after the operation due to the disease.

Among the most famous of these diseases that hinder the process of hair transplantation for men in Turkey:

High or low blood pressure
All liver diseases

The benefits and risks of hair transplantation for men

Like any surgical procedure, hair transplantation must have benefits and side effects or perhaps risks at times, and you must look at them to learn how to avoid and bypass them, as well as you must look at the benefits to know the amount of benefit that you will reap after the operation.

Benefits of hair transplant for men in Turkey
Hair transplantation in Turkey for men has many advantages and benefits that can be summarized according to the following points:

The operation is safe and the success rate is very high
The new hair will look completely natural
Agriculture is the permanent solution to hair loss problems
The operation increases the patient's self-confidence after restoring the beautiful appearance of his hair
The operation ends the suffering of the man with baldness
The costs of a hair transplant in Istanbul for men are low and negligible compared to the costs of similar operations in Europe, for example
Is hair transplantation risks?
Yes.. Any surgical procedure has expected risks, and this does not mean that you will definitely fall into it, because paying attention to them and being careful and working with medical advice will avoid you from falling into any problem after hair transplantation, and from these risks we mention to you:

Of the rare risks that occur during the operation: scalp bleeding, as well as bacterial infection when the follicles are transferred, and these risks can be overcome through sterilization before the operation and the use of modern FUE techniques.
Tumors in the scalp and cysts, which may appear due to mistakes in washing the hair or rubbing it in a harmful way, and you should review the doctor in any case and obtain the appropriate ointments and medications
Tip to avoid risks
The most important advice that we can give you is to fully comply with the instructions and directions of the specialist doctor throughout the preparation period and during the operation, as well as during the recovery period, because this is the safest way to ensure a hair transplant in Istanbul - Turkey with high quality and without problems

Why do I choose Turkey-Istanbul for my hair transplant?

Turkey and its tourist cities, especially Istanbul, are distinguished as one of the favorite cities for all medical tourism activities these days, not just "hair transplantation", where several advantages meet in this city:

Great interest in medical tourism by the public and private health sectors
Availability of the most skilled doctors, plastic surgeons and surgeons
The presence of the latest machines and medical devices suitable for medical examinations and operations
Possibility to spend the recovery period between the distinctive tourist areas and by the sea and green orchards
Operation costs are low and easy
The possibility of obtaining a short-term stay for treatment in Turkey

Fanar Hair has provided you with the most comprehensive report that you can read about hair transplantation in Turkey for men. We hope that we have provided you with the desired benefit. We also remind you that we are always ready to answer your inquiries by contacting us and obtaining the best medical and health advice in the field of hair transplantation.