Beard and mustache hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair Transplant For Beard

Aromatherapy has a very beneficial effect on the human body and promotes maximum relaxation. The use of aroma oils in the process of massage enhances its effect, relieves fatigue.
aroma oils in the process of massage enhances its effect, relieves fatigue.
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Things To Know

Aromatherapy has a very beneficial effect on the human body and promotes maximum relaxation
Aromatherapy has a very beneficial effect on the human body and promotes maximum relaxation

Tips before hair transplantation in Turkey for better results and reasonable cost

1. Do the medical examination and blood analysis required by the specialist doctor
2. Refrain from drinking alcohol, as well as from smoking and some types of medicines that your doctor advises you not to take
3. Do not do strenuous sports
4. Stay away from nutritional supplements
5. Only take aspirin with a prescription
6. Do not eat hot meals at least 4 days before the day of your operation
7. Take enough time to sleep 24 hours before your operation
8. Wear loose-fitting clothes after the operation
9. Do not use perfumes after the operation and keep away from any strong smelling substance
10. Stop drinking stimulants in the 24 hours prior to the day of the operation
11. Inquire about all that is needed for beard and mustache hair transplantation in Turkey, especially the prices, the advantages of medical centers and the services provided to patients

The quantity of follicles to be transplanted

The success rate of beard and mustache hair transplants in Turkey depends on knowing the number of follicles to be picked and accurately determined to know if the area from which the follicles will be harvested is a donor area.
This depends on the density of the number of follicles, which varies according to the age of the person and the strength of the scalp
In general, the average limit for the number of natural follicles for picking is between 4 and 5 thousand follicles

What do you know about beard and mustache transplantation in Turkey

Here are the most important preliminary details to be aware of about this type of hair transplant in Turkey:

What is this process?
It is a simple surgical procedure that is carried out in hospitals or medical centers under local anesthesia and under the supervision of a specialized doctor, and does not require an overnight stay in the hospital, where the patient can leave the operating room hours after his operation.

Operation steps
Almost the stages of this transplantation process are not different from other hair transplant operations, which can be summarized in the following points:

Analysis and examination: to determine the initial information such as the patient's safety from diseases that prevent the operation, including blood and skin tests, determining the donor area, the area of ​​the target area, and the number of follicles required for extraction
Shaving the hair in the donor area
Patient's local anesthesia
Starting the extraction using a device dedicated to extracting follicles from the donor area, usually using a "micromotor" device.
Keep the extracted follicles in a special saline solution
Implantation of follicles in the target area
The most important techniques used for beard and mustache transplantation
There are several techniques that are suitable to complete this process, the most important of which are:

Mega DHI
Extremely DHI
Candidates for this process
Usually, everyone who has one of the following conditions is considering a beard and mustache transplant in Turkey:

People who suffer from an incomplete beard due to genetics
If the hair of his beard or mustache has fallen out and damaged due to hormonal reasons or to the use of medicines with side effects
Whoever burns his beard, mustache, or part of them
A patient wishing to undergo this operation must meet several conditions, which are:

Safety from diseases that hinder agriculture, especially skin ones
That the donor area has a sufficient amount of hair
The patient must be at least 25 years old

Advantages of beard and mustache transplantation in Istanbul

This process has the following advantages:

The process is easy and does not take long
The patient does not need to stay in the hospital
It is performed under local anesthesia without pain
Modern medical devices and technologies are available to help carry out the operation accurately and professionally in Turkey, especially in Istanbul
Its costs are low
Contributes to giving you an aesthetic appearance and a natural beard and mustache
Compensation for lost and damaged hair from the beard and mustache

How long does it take for transplant results to appear?

Like other transplant operations, the results of beard and mustache transplantation begin to appear gradually after the first month until the second at the latest, and the final result may take about half a year.

In this article, we have been keen to provide all the information that requires researchers on the subject of beard and mustache transplantation in Istanbul Turkey, hoping that you have found satisfactory answers to all your inquiries, and here we inform you and remind you that we are always ready to receive your calls and communicate with us to inquire about this topic or to prepare for your operation.

Tips after facial hair transplant

The usual advice for these operations is always:

Maintain as much as possible a straight posture with the head elevated
Not washing the target area for cultivation during the first three days after planting
Avoid sports and strenuous work during the two weeks following the transplant operation
Avoid exposure as much as possible to the sun, heat or moisture, for at least 30 days after the operation
Avoid swimming during the first two to three months of the operation, whether in swimming pools or the sea
Quit smoking for at least two months after the operation
Avoid going to the sauna or Turkish bath during the first 30 days after the operation
The use of PRP needles for their great role in activating hair follicles after transplantation
Adherence to the doctor’s advice, especially the medications and treatments he mentions, because they speed up the healing process of wounds