Eyebrow hair transplantation in Turkey

hair transplant for eyebrows

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Things To Know

Aromatherapy has a very beneficial effect on the human body and promotes maximum relaxation

Tips before hair transplantation in Turkey for better results and reasonable cost

1. You must do the necessary medical examinations and analyzes required by the doctor before performing the operation, and inform your specialist doctor of the results
2. Do not drink alcohol or smoke, especially several days before the operation
3. If you are taking certain types of medications or nutritional supplements, you must inform the doctor before the operation to determine which type to continue taking and which type to stop taking
4. Avoid strenuous exercise
5. Do not take aspirin without medical advice
6. Do not drink stimulants the day before the operation
7. Avoid spicy food 72 hours before your surgery
8. Rest long enough and sleep well the day before the operation
9. Wear loose-fitting clothes after the operation and for several days
10. Avoid wearing perfume and stay away from strong smells for several days after the operation
11. Do not hesitate to inquire about all the information you need about the process of hair transplantation for eyebrows in Turkey in terms of its prices, services of the medical center, the advantages you will get, the success rate and other inquiries before performing the operation

The quantity of follicles to be transplanted

The number and density of follicles plays a pivotal role in determining the success rate of any hair transplant, especially eyebrow hair transplantation
Where the donor area must be of good density, it is not possible to rely on areas with low density
In general, when talking about extracting the follicles, the average number of follicles needed for the extraction is often between 4 to 5 thousand follicles in order for the operation to be carried out safely.

What do you know about eyebrow transplantation in Turkey

Come with us, we will get acquainted with some important details about this topic before we go into its exact details in the following paragraphs.

What is this process?
Eyebrow transplantation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed on the hair of the eyebrows when there are problems in them that lead to hair loss or damage.

It is one of the very accurate operations that require high accuracy and focus, and therefore it is always recommended to perform it in Turkey or Istanbul in particular because of the good reputation of the doctors specialized in this field, the abundant scientific and medical capabilities and the modern technologies used for this purpose.

How is it done? And the techniques used?
This type of operation is performed using the same techniques used to transplant hair anywhere on the body, such as the head or beard, and according to the following steps:

Extraction of a longitudinal hair strip from a donor area in the patient's head (mostly the back and sides of the head are suitable for this)
Dividing the hair into smaller parts, accurately and calculated, and then keeping it in a saline solution
Open channels in the eyebrow
Replanting the divided parts within the open channels
This technique is called "FUT" and in Arabic it is called "slice hair transplantation" in relation to the hair strip extracted at the beginning of the process, and it is considered one of the traditional methods

It is also possible to rely on the "FUE" method for eyebrow transplantation, which is widely used in Istanbul and has proven satisfactory results at very high rates.

Recently, the greatest reliance has become on the "Nano FUE" technique, which is one of the latest technical methods used for eyebrow transplantation in Turkey.

Operation duration
In general, the transplant session needs between two to four hours on average, and the doctor will tell you the expected duration according to your medical file and your analyzes

Who turns to her?
This process is usually resorted to in the following cases:

The presence of a birth defect that prevents the growth of eyebrow hair
Sudden cessation of hair growth due to hormonal or disease
Burning caused damage to the eyebrow hair or deformation
The desire of a person to increase the aesthetics of his eyebrows
This process is suitable for both sexes, both men and women, and its harms are very few. However, it needs accuracy because the length of the eyebrow hair is the most important factor in determining whether the transplant was successful or not?

Advantages of eyebrow transplantation in Istanbul

This cultivation is characterized by:

Ease of performing compared to normal surgeries
It is characterized as a non-invasive surgery "that is, you do not need to stay overnight in the hospital"
Provides very modern techniques that help to perform the operation
Low costs of operation, especially in Istanbul
This implant gives an aesthetic look to the eyebrows
Getting rid of distortions in the eyebrows
Compensation for hair loss or damaged eyebrows

Tips after eyebrow transplant

The usual advice for these operations is always:

Adhere to the advice and directions of the specialist doctor
Do not use drugs and cosmetics that have a strong effect
Avoid washing the eyebrows immediately after the operation
Do not scratch the place of cultivation
Sleep properly so as not to harm the new hair
Pay attention while putting on and taking off clothes, and it is preferable to wear loose clothes during the recovery period

When will the actual results of transplantation appear?

The results of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey can be observed shortly after the transplant, up to approximately two months in the worst case, and the results are expected to be fully completed after approximately 6 months.

In this report, Fanar Hair has provided you with all the information you are looking for about eyebrow transplantation in Istanbul Turkey, and if you would like to inquire more, or start the preparation procedures for your operation, do not hesitate to contact us so that we will be with you first and foremost and step by step.