Performing a hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey is an ideal option to take this step, as Turkish experts have a good reputation in this field, and the costs are not high there compared to the quality you will get, and the hair transplant step in itself will give you an attractive appearance, and make you look Younger, whether you want to get rid of total baldness or even frontal baldness, and on a psychological level, changing your appearance from time to time gives you a wonderful feeling of being able to start again, so let's learn more about what it takes to perform a hair transplant in Turkey.

Reasons for hair loss

It is not possible to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey or anywhere else, before accurately identifying the cause of hair loss from the beginning, until the reason that causes you to lose your hair is completely eliminated, and in most cases, the causes of hair loss do not go beyond the owner’s exposure to depression and extreme sadness for a long time. Excessive stress at work and not getting enough rest, as well as neglecting the person in his food and eating meals that lack the nutrients necessary for him, and women can be exposed to it as a side effect after pregnancy and childbirth.

History of hair transplant operations

Treating hair loss using transplant operations is not a modern thing. Rather, it has been happening since the nineteenth century, when they used surgeries to treat bald areas on the human head. The matter developed in the thirties of the last century when the Japanese used the transfer technique; In order to grow eyebrows and eyelashes, but in the fifties a dermatologist in the United States of America tried to transplant hair for men, and although it is common for people that hair does not grow in this way, experiments continued to try to prove that transplanted hair can grow like the original without any A problem, and the American method of performing this type of surgery began to spread widely around the world, as thousands of hair follicles were transferred to be transplanted into the head of those who need them at once, but in our time hair transplants are done automatically and called the FUE method for hair transplantation.

Hair transplant success rates in Turkey

The success rates of hair transplantation in Turkey can reach more than 95%, and it is performed safely without the person undergoing it feeling any pain, as the doctor who specializes in performing it in agreement with the person who is being operated on, whether he wants to use Local anesthesia or general anesthesia, then he starts and finishes his work giving his client the new look he's been dreaming of.

Performing a hair transplant in Turkey for women

There is nothing to prevent a hair transplant in Turkey for a woman, but the specialist doctor asks her to do a hormonal analysis; Because often women suffer from hair loss for hormonal reasons, and it is possible for the doctor to refuse the woman to undergo hair transplantation, if what is happening with her is just a transient event, and this is judged when her hair loss occurs and then stops for a while and comes again after her hair returns to its natural state Or that the doctor discovers through the examinations that there is something that prevents her from undergoing that operation, then he tells her about the alternative solutions that are appropriate for her case.

How is hair transplantation performed in Turkey?

The specialist doctor performs the hair transplant operation in agreement with the person wishing to undergo it, on the date on which the operation is scheduled, so that he ensures that he receives three days of rest at his home after the operation, and that he eats some snacks on that day, and when he attends at the appointed time The doctor follows the following steps:-

Anesthetize the person by one of the two methods mentioned in the previous paragraph.

- Collecting hair follicles, and preparing to be transplanted from them.

Opening the channels inside the head to be implanted hair follicles.

After the hair transplant procedure

After the person finishes the issue of the hair transplant process, his head is divided into two areas, the area that was transplanted and the other is called the donor, and in any case the two are wrapped with bandages, and they remain on his head for one day, then the doctor removes it on the second day and begins to give whoever performed it Many instructions necessary for the post-hair transplantation phase, and you can then rest at home for the three days of the procedure, and wash your hair yourself for the first time or go to the place where you transplanted hair; to be responsible for overseeing it.

After you get past the first wash phase, you will have to keep washing your hair twice in a day, until you reach the 15th day after the hair wash procedure, and you will have a date with the appearance of new hair which only lasts one week before falling out due to spillage, which in turn It lasts for a whole month, there is no problem here as long as you are careful that your scalp is not exposed to any external influence, and within six months of having a hair transplant in Turkey, your new shape will begin to settle down, and the density at which you see your hair is starting from 70% in the year The first is the process, and that intensity develops until it reaches 90% or more with time.

Things to avoid after a hair transplant procedure

The patient has to take into account some things after undergoing the hair transplant operation, in order to overcome any risks, and be able to obtain all the advantages of the step that I took.

1/ Pay attention to his nutrition

The type of foods that the person who has had hair transplantation should have, must contain vitamins such as A, C as well as E , and his diet must include folic acid, biotin and the necessary minerals at this stage to support hair health, and at the same time it is not recommended to eat any quantities One of the fast food in the recovery phase of the hair transplant process, as well as the heavy meals here. Try here to convince your wife and child to avoid preparing banquets for you, as you do not need to overeat; To avoid indigestion, eating more nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds is more beneficial for you.

2/ Avoid marital relations

During the first week of the hair transplantation process, you should be very careful with the follicles that you planted inside your head, so it is necessary in that period to completely avoid marital relations, as you need rest and this action requires you to make a lot of effort, and the flow of A lot of blood inside you, which you need to help install and grow the follicles, and the movement that this requires and the resulting sweating, inevitably cause the follicles that spent a lot to be transplanted, so hair transplant surgery becomes useless, so avoid the relationship Marriage within a week of the operation, and you can return to it gradually.

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