Eyebrow transplantation in Turkey

Eyebrow transplantation in Turkey has become a very common and well-known issue due to several reasons that we will learn about in this article, but it should be noted that Turkey is one of the advanced countries in the field of medicine, especially cosmetics, as it is in constant development on this subject. With regard to eyebrow transplantation, there is a very well-known Turkish center Wise calls this operation with very distinct medical techniques, which makes this process simple and its results appear in a short time. In this article, we will learn about the most important things that should be known about this process of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey.


The reasons for which eyebrow transplantation is performed in Turkey

This operation is not limited to women only, but in many cases there is a demand for this operation by men due to the lack of appearance of the hair of the neck for various reasons that may be related to the genetic factor and may be the result of burns or certain diseases and leave them with scars and a lasting effect It is an excessive deficiency in the growth of thanksgiving, which causes many problems for the person affected by this thing. The process of eyebrow transplantation is very simple, and on the other hand, it has many different advantages.


 Advantages of the eyebrow transplant procedure

There are many advantages that a person gains when he undergoes a cosmetic surgery for eyebrow transplantation, and we will talk about them in the following:


Eyebrows appear thick and wide

The reason for flyaway hair of the eyebrows may be due to the genetic factor, age, or the use of correction and eyeliner pens for eyebrows, as well as the lack of a diet and adherence to it, the interruption of the menstrual cycle in women and diseases related to the thyroid gland may have a cause and stress is a major motive for hair loss In general, the treatment of all of these things is to perform an eyebrow transplant because it gives an opportunity to intensify the eyebrows hair, which has many benefits, including:

  • Preventing sweat from the forehead or the top of the head from falling on the eyes, providing protection for the eyes and also enjoying the distinctive shape.
  • Prevent dust and dirt in the air constantly from settling in the eyes.
  • Prevent the entry of the smallest insects that cannot be seen by the naked eye from hurting the eyes.


Communicate with people through facial expression

When you feel a certain thing or think about a particular topic, the expression through the face is present. Facial expressions have great effectiveness and indicate what is going on in the person’s mind. For this reason, among the advantages in the process of eyebrow transplantation is to help provide precisely defined eyebrows, which helps to express the through the face.


Appearance of a person with a beautiful appearance and a distinctive look

It is known that human features are very beautiful and wonderful, and for this reason, if a defect occurs in any of the features, the beauty of the face shape decreases, which makes the person feel lack of self-confidence and for this reason, if an eyebrow transplant is performed, it will help the person to solve the problem and appear wonderfully and distinctively because He feels that his eyebrows are natural hair, which makes him confident in himself by his good looks.



The steps of the cosmetic process for eyebrow transplantation

The doctor must take into account the shape of the eyebrows requested by the patient, but according to the natural aesthetic standards in order for the result to be satisfactory to the patient and suitable for the shape of the face because the eyebrows are among the features that must be of certain standards and for this reason the patient must cooperate with the medical device or the doctor who will perform the operation by He listens to his advice and his point of view regarding his choice of eyebrow shape that matches the shape of the face, because thus he is right in choosing.


  • Choosing the hair follicles required to be transplanted in the area of ​​​​the eyebrows is the first and most important step because the doctor must choose the most appropriate place in the hair in order to extract the hair from it so that it is the same density as the eyebrow hair and the hair must also be taken from a place that does not affect the shape and beauty of the hair with The passage of time and often this place is behind the ear and the extraction technique is used because it is most suitable for this place, considering that it is very sensitive.


  • There is a new procedure carried out by the Turkish center called Wise to choose the follicles that are used in the process of eyebrow transplantation, and it is done using Choi pens. eyebrow area.



  • After that, the hairs that are similar to the hair of the eyebrows are coordinated to be implanted at an acute angle, and the reason for this is that the result looks very natural, and the beginning of the implantation is from the side until we reach the side of the nose, and then the doctor begins to transplant the hair from the lower line until it reaches the hair to the lines The upper and thus the appearance of the eyebrows more intense.


Eyebrow transplant cost

Before we know the amount that will cost the patient who wants to perform the operation, we must first know the amount of hair we use, the number of follicles we need for transplantation, and the extent of damage to the hair in the eyebrows, because there are many patients who have the skin of the eyebrows who want treatment before eyebrow transplantation, and usually about 300 grafts are extracted In order to be implanted in the eyebrows, the price of the operation is usually 1500 dollars, and this cost varies according to the extent of the damage to the eyebrow area.


Advantages of the cosmetic surgery for eyebrow transplantation

  • It treats the deformation in the eyebrow area caused by burns or scars that leave a trace for a long time.
  • Provides people with damaged eyebrows due to the genetic factor to enjoy the aesthetic shape of the eyebrows.
  • It compensates for the hair loss caused by some diseases.
  • One of the most important features is that the eyebrows look natural, and the reason for this is that the patient's original hair is used, not a wig.


Disadvantages of cosmetic surgery for eyebrow transplantation

  • The most prominent drawback is that you may experience hair loss in this area about two weeks after the procedure, but there is no need to worry, as it will be done again and be in good health.
  • Among the disadvantages also is that this process requires a long time, although the area being treated is small, but this is because this procedure requires high accuracy.
  • It is possible that the patient will have to constantly trim the eyebrow hair to obtain a natural look because the head hair is known to grow more quickly than the eyebrow hair.



At the end of this article, we have talked about the most important points of this topic, such as the advantages and disadvantages, the cost of the process and how it is conducted, and we hope that we have made full use of it.


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