Eyelashes transplantation in Turkey


  • As long as the poets of spinning sing of the beauty of the eyes, they are considered a symbol of the beauty that captivates the hearts, and the beauty of the eyes is completed when the eyelashes are more black and dense, and give the eye an attractive and charming appearance and piercing looks, but after the emergence of the idea of ​​installing false eyelashes, which does not last for a long time and is annoying in some times.
  • The solution to this problem appeared, which is the process of eyelashes transplantation in order to counteract the loss of eyelashes for any reason and to give the eye a more attractive and beautiful appearance, and eliminate the use of false eyelashes extensions, which you may find difficult when installing and you need a specialized person.
  • With the development of the field of cosmetics day after day, scientists have turned to this most effective solution, which is to grow eyelashes and make them more dense.
  • Turkey now occupies an important and distinguished position among other countries in cosmetic operations and surgeries, the most important of which is eyelash transplantation in Turkey, through which the average length of eyelashes increases as well as their density.
  • This process depends on taking some hairs from the back of the head and implanting them between the hairs of the original eyelashes.


The most important eyelashes transplantation centers in Turkey


The process of eyelash transplantation in Turkey involves the use of a range of advanced medical technologies. The process of eyelash transplantation is one of the operations that are carried out on a very large scale in Turkey. Below we will learn about the most famous centers through which you can perform this process with ease, continue reading the following lines:

  • The eyelash transplant process does not require a lot of equipment or special and complex equipment, as it can be performed in clinics and beauty centers specialized in hair transplantation.
  • It is worth noting that Istanbul is one of the most famous cities in eyelashes transplantation in Turkey and occupies the first place, in addition to being one of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey, followed by Mersin, Antakya in second place, and Ankara with a very small difference in the number of centers.
  • All centers in Turkey are subject to quality and control standards, and provide the best medical services. The most famous of these centers are:

Istanbul Hair Center-

Clinic Baytekin Izmir-

Mv Hair Transplant-

Duty Clinic-

Dr. A.S. Ozan Balik MD-


Advantages and disadvantages of eyelashes transplantation in Turkey


The only and most important obstacle for anyone going to Turkey for eyelash transplantation may be the difficulty of the local language. You cannot communicate with others if you do not know the Turkish language and in this case you will have to use translation services so the cost may increase, but there are many advantages from Eyelashes transplantation in Turkey is as follows:

  • Eyelashes transplantation in Turkey depends on a group of modern and advanced techniques with the latest equipment.
  • The operation is performed under the supervision of a large group of doctors who are experts in plastic surgery, as well as a highly trained nursing team.
  • As for the average global price for eyelashes transplantation, prices in Turkey are lower than other countries.
  • Turkey imposes strict control systems on various medical bodies and centers to ensure health safety and infection control.
  • Many medical centers in Turkey are certified by international medical organizations.
  • Medical services and many facilities offered by beauty centers and eyelash transplantation in Turkey.


Eyelashes transplant costs in Turkey


The cost of eyelashes transplantation in Turkey is determined by several factors, which we will learn about through the following points:

  • The position that the center enjoys, as well as the level of luxury and services it provides to customers.
  • The experience of the doctor supervising the operation and his fame.
  • The type of technique used to take hair follicles (FUE, FUT).
  • The level of density that the patient needs to reach, as well as the number of hair follicles required.
  • But in general, we find that the cost of eyelashes transplantation in Turkey is 40 to 60% less than its cost in other countries, where the total cost is between $950:2000 and includes accommodation and transportation sometimes.


How is eyelash transplantation done?


  • Eyelash transplantation is done using the FUE technique, the first thing to do is to determine the donor area, that is, the area where the hair follicles will be collected.
  • At this stage, choosing the most appropriate donor area for eyelash transplantation is critical in terms of obtaining natural results as a result of the operation, while the best area is the back of the head, but it is possible to choose other donor areas that the doctor deems appropriate.
  • Then local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel any pain, and after the anesthesia is performed, an area must be created in order to place the taken follicles in the area to be transplanted.
  • Although many techniques are used for this purpose in eyelash transplantation, the two most important methods are the grooving technique and the French needle, and although the grooving process is the most important step in all other transplant operations, the importance of this process increases more in eyelash transplantation.
  • Hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area using devices called micro motors with very fine tips and high speed, because the amount of follicles to be transferred in eyelash transplantation is limited.
  • This procedure takes a shorter time than other transplant procedures, the carefully taken hair follicles are transferred to the area to be transplanted and the eyelash transplantation process is completed.


What after transplanting eye lashes?


There are some tips that you should follow after the eyelashes transplantation process, which are very important tips to complete the success of the process and get the best results. These tips are as follows:


  • It is very important for the health of the healing process to follow the advice given by your doctor after the eyelash transplant is completed, because the transplanted eyelashes cannot fully fuse with the skin in the first stage, you need to protect them from external factors.
  •  In addition, you should avoid applying makeup on the area to be transplanted during the periods specified by your doctor and keep it away from foreign matter.
  •  After the eyelash transplant procedure, you should not go out as much as possible, and avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • Avoid exposure to dust and water within 3 days. If you need to wear glasses, do so very carefully and prevent your glasses from coming into contact with your eyelashes.
  •  In addition, you should stay away from harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol during the periods prescribed by your doctor.
  • The eyelash transplant healing process requires some patience, and full recovery can take between 9 months and 1 year, depending on the care and attention provided.


Living options in Turkey


Since Turkey is a large tourist country, it contains a large number of hotels, from which you can choose what suits you on the basis of the price as follows:

  • There are hotels that provide medium services at somewhat reduced prices, ranging between 30:50 dollars, and the following hotels are like:

Sultan Hotel-

Do-Ka Hotel-

Cihangir Hotel-

Hotel Helen Park-

  • As for hotels that provide high services and carry a 5-star rating, their prices start at $80:300 per night. Examples include the following hotels:

Movenpick Hotel-

Hilton Istanbul-

Wyndham Ankara-

Radisson Blu-

  • I am about transportation in Turkey, as it has witnessed a great boom and a huge improvement in the level of transportation services such as (taxis, mass transit buses, trains, cable cars, sea ferries, trams)
  • As for medical services and health care, there is a large spread of private and governmental hospitals in various cities and neighborhoods in Turkey, which provide medical services to citizens and foreigners, in addition to supporting equipped medical vehicles and trained medical teams with a phone number (112) to call for emergency cases.
  • There are also interpretation services, where there are many offices specialized in this field, through which you can get an accompanying translator throughout the trip and stay


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