Beard Transplant Techniques in Turkey

Hair and beard transplantation in Turkey in the current era has become very widespread, due to the use of advanced modern technologies and specialized places, and scientific approaches that reduced the risks and complications of hair transplantation and the techniques, the most used are as follows in beard transplantation:

Strip hair transplant technique 

  • This technique is a traditional surgical technique and is currently used by cutting a strip from the back of the scalp, or from both sides of the scalp, in which hair is dense, so hair follicles are taken and placed in the places to be transplanted in the head, and this technique has side effects due to surgery .

FUE hair transplant technique

Beard transplantation technique in Turkey This technique is a somewhat advanced method compared to the previous method, this method is where the hair is taken by individual methods using a metal tool carried out by the doctor. under general anaesthesia.

Sapphire hair transplant technique

This process is carried out by the blades of the sapphire stone, which resembles a blue sapphire and has wonderful properties in the incision of the scalp by the specialist doctor. For these hair transplant surgeries, the doctor anesthetizes the patient and begins the surgery and takes the follicles from the hair donor area through an incision in the scalp, using the blades of the exhale stone until It is planted in the area to be planted, and this method is greatly avoided. 

Hair technique using Choi pens.

  • Hair transplantation here using direct Choi pens and this device or these pens allow easy hair transplantation.
  •  This method is suitable for hair transplantation in the right direction.
  •  Here the bleeding is little.
  • This technique is also used in the cultivation of mustaches and eyebrows, and the pen here extracts the hair bulb from the donor place, and the bulb and the donor place are cooled by a special solution.
  • Choi pen is used only once by the patient and each patient has a special pen.

Beard transplantation technique in Turkey using Choi pens has advantages and these advantages are:-

  •  There won't be many cuts in the process.
  • There is very little pain in this process.
  • This technique is valid for people with weak hair follicles.
  • After the completion of the operation, the person may go about his normal life.
  • The recovery from this technique is very fast.
  • The cost of implantation with choi pens is not exorbitant.
  • This technique is suitable for all people.
  •  The success rate of this technique is very high.
  • The hair transplanted using this technique is treated very naturally.
  • This technique does not require cutting hair .

Robotic hair transplant technique

 Robotic hair transplantation is an automated technique, and it is only used for people who have dark hair and straight hair, and it is also used for the following:

  • People who do not have this color in their hair should dye it before the beginning of the process because this device is licensed to use dark hair only.
  •  This robotic technique is not suitable for people who have curly hair, owners of curly hair are only advised to use manual cultivation.
  • In this technique, the robot extracts the follicles and they are implanted by the surgeon.

Stem cell hair transplant technique

  • Beard transplantation technique in Turkey using stem cells This technique is a cosmetic technique whose goal is to stimulate the growth of hair on the scalp.
  • This technique revitalizes the hair using stem cells.

What is the donor area for hair?

  • It is the area from which the follicles are taken 
  • It is located at the back of the head and on both sides of the head.
  • Always thick hair.
  • There are strong follicles that are not subject to baldness.

Double the donor area for hair

If the donor area for hair is weak, the following happens:

  • It complicates the transplant process.
  • It does not withstand the shock of transplantation, as it causes it to die.
  • Head exposure.

 Reasons for beard transplant

We know that beard transplantation techniques in Turkey are one of the things that some people resort to for the following reasons:

  • These implants give a beautiful appearance to the man, especially beard transplants.
  • It has become a necessary thing for someone who suffers from the absence of hair in his beard, or if he suffers deformities due to a fire or the like, and he is forced to have these implants.
  • Because of the development of beard transplantation technology in Turkey.

Reasons for resorting to hair transplantation.

Many people, whether men or women, resort to the technique of beard and hair transplantation in Turkey, due to the following reasons:-

  • Because there are empty places of hair in the scalp or chin due to accidents, the first fire or exposure to surgery.
  • The presence of empty spaces as a result of a normal, irregular distribution due to the difference in testosterone.
  • Due to a disease called alopecia areata.
  • Women resort to hair transplantation because we know very well that hair is a crown on a woman’s head, and if a woman finds that there are diseases in the scalp, such as alopecia and hair loss in an excessive amount, and the medications did not work with him, she resorts to hair transplantation immediately.

The most important conditions that a person must meet before a beard transplant.

There are some conditions that a person who wants to transplant hair must be aware of, and these conditions are as follows:-

  • to have a person

 Blanks in the beard or mustache.

  • The patient must be in good health and prove this through the necessary examinations and analyzes.
  • There will be hair in the donor areas, which are located at the back of the head and on both sides of the head.

The main steps of the hair transplant process.

There are main steps in the technique of beard and hair transplantation in Turkey before the operation and during the operation. We learn about them as follows:-

The steps involved before the operation are:

  • Make the necessary examinations to know the condition well before the operation.
  • The doctor's report on the patient's condition if he needs his arm or not.
  • Find out what kind of technique is right for the patient.

Steps involved during the process

  • Clean the scalp with the knowledge of the doctor.
  • Anesthetize the back of the head.

Instructions to follow to prevent the transplanted hair from falling out

So that the transplanted hair does not fall out immediately after the operation, the instructions of the treating doctor must be followed. These instructions are as follows:-

  • Do not wash the hair with water for at least two days after the procedure.
  • Use the appropriate shampoo with the knowledge of the doctor.
  • Do not expose the scalp to the sun immediately after the procedure.
  • Not to engage in strenuous physical activities immediately after the operation.
  • Do not take any medications or any medical drugs without consulting the doctor.
  • Do not scratch the scalp violently.
  • Do not use a hair dryer in the first weeks after the operation.


By the end of this topic, we have explained, through Al-Fanar, the techniques of beard transplantation in Turkey and what is the donor area for hair, the reasons for beard transplantation, the reasons for resorting to hair transplantation, the main steps of the hair transplant process and the steps that must be followed to prevent the transplanted hair from falling out.


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