Hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique in Turkey is considered one of the modern methods of transplantation, which many wishing to treat hair loss or genetic baldness tend to have, because of its advantages and benefits, in addition to the leadership of Turkish medical centers in using this technology, and all the surrounding environment that helps the patient To undertake a distinguished medical tourism trip and obtain golden results under the supervision of leading experts and well-known doctors in the world.

Come with us to learn more about this modern technology

What is Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey
The technique of hair transplantation with sapphire pens is one of the methods of hair transplantation by FUE, but it is a more distinguished method than the traditional FUE, and it is known as:

Non-invasive surgery
It does not require an overnight stay in the hospital
The operation is performed under local anesthesia
The duration of the operation is one session up to five hours
It takes place at any time of the year and does not have a specific season
The first results of transplantation begin after 15 days
The results of the operation last for life
The new technology, "Ambassador Pens", has added a great impetus to hair transplantation, and since its appearance, the percentage of those who want to transplant and are reassured to perform it has increased due to the great increase in recovery rates, and the repeated successes that we see on a daily basis for those who were able to end their problems with light and falling hair after a successful operation using this distinctive technique. .

In the following paragraphs, we will learn more about it in more detail.

The steps of hair transplantation using the Sapphire pens technique in Turkey
To implement this methodology in hair transplantation in Turkey, first, the front profile is drawn based on the doctor’s experience and the patient’s desires and expectations

The design of the frontal hair line is the cornerstone of hair transplant surgery as it must be completely natural and aimed at the complete satisfaction of the patient with his new appearance.

The implants that are removed from the donor area must be extracted taking into account the natural inclination of the follicular units, thus reducing the risk of damaging the follicle during the operation. Growth direction and angle of the original hair.

In one session, between 3000 and 5000 grafts (7000-12500 hairs) can be performed, depending on the density of the donor site and according to the doctor.

Therefore, we can say that most of the surgeries using the Sapphire technique in Turkey are performed during one session, sometimes taking 5 to 6 hours on average.

Advantages of hair transplant with ambassador in Turkey
One of the most prominent reasons that push the patient to think about hair transplantation through the modern sapphire technique are the modern advantages and medical development that this technique draws its features, and the most prominent advantages of it are:

The Ambassador device used in the process is very accurate
Also, this device is anti-bacterial
The Sapphire technology guarantees a very high degree of protection from infection while opening channels for hair transplantation, or transferring follicles from the donor area to the target area.
The Sapphire technology is superior to traditional FUE techniques as it provides a greater density of hair and is much higher than traditional techniques
The appearance of hair after transplantation with this technique takes a completely natural appearance
The process avoids many of the side effects of traditional hair transplantation operations, as fluids are injected in very small quantities only under the skin, before opening the transplant channels, and extracting the follicles, unlike traditional operations that require injecting larger quantities of fluids during these two stages.
The size of the swelling after hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique in Turkey is usually much less than the usual size in other operations, which increases the patient's comfort after the completion of the operation and the days following it.
The technology helps in the rapid recovery of the areas targeted for hair transplantation, and the reason for this is that the process of opening the transplant channels with the Sapphire pens is very accurate and precisely defined, unlike the opening that is done with other metal devices used in traditional extraction methods.
Needle-free injection of the Sapphire technique for hair transplantation
There is some information that you must know while you are seriously considering transplanting your hair in Turkey, and through the ambassador's pens, which are:

The operation is carried out in a method called “needle-free injection.” This method is very distinctive and guarantees the loss of a large percentage of the usual pain in such an operation, and facilitates the work of local anesthesia.
The duration of anesthesia accompanying the operation will be short as it takes effect more quickly compared to the procedures that are carried out by traditional injections, and this feature is highly desired by patients, as it provides very great comfort for them.
In the process of "Future with Sapphire pens", the "liquid jet" system is adopted, as this system allows anesthesia without needles, and ensures the diffusion of the liquid inside the syringe with equal distances and depth, which ensures greater comfort during the procedure
In the Sapphire technique, the anesthetic substance is compressed to enter deep layers inside the skin, and this is also a feature that helps in facilitating local anesthesia and greatly relieving the patient's pain during the operation.
This technique has helped many who have special fears of anesthesia needles and surgeries in general to overcome their fears, and not hesitate or worry about undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey with the Sapphire technique, because it strongly supports the patient's lack of pain and facilitates the anesthesia process before the surgery.
Why choose Turkey for this operation
Some may ask about the reasons why we talk about Turkey as a unique destination, not only for hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique, but also for all medical tourism activities? And this answer needs you to take some accurate information about Turkey:

The Turkish government's plans for a good period of time have focused on the advancement of medical tourism significantly, and hair transplantation in Turkey is one of the therapeutic activities spread in this country, which attracts the attention of thousands of foreign tourists.

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