An overview of hair transplantation in Turkey with Choi pens
Hair transplantation is done in Turkey with Choi pens, as Choi pens are a necessary tool directly for hair transplantation with the best quality, although this method was not popular since it was first introduced, but many patients are now starting to apply it to benefit from fast, effective and lasting results. long.

The most important feature of this technique for hair transplantation in Turkey
The Choi pens technology has made a real breakthrough in the field of hair transplantation. It is a pen with a pointed tip at the end in the form of a hollow needle with a diameter of 1 mm.

This unique technique is used to transplant hair follicles to increase hair density in those areas affected by baldness.
The hair transplantation process is characterized by the fact that it is done without preparing the reception of the follicles in advance by the surgeon, and this means that the wounds caused by the procedure are very small.
The guarantee of the success rate of this process is large and lasts for the long term, and the hair follicles cannot be damaged or fall out.
It is worth noting that the time taken to perform the hair transplantation process with Choi pens is very small, as the time of the operation is determined based on the number of follicles to be transplanted.
The patient is given a low percentage of anesthesia according to the duration of the procedure.
A very small number of the patient's hair is cut, for hair transplantation in areas that suffer from baldness or lack of hair density.
Many women prefer this technique, because it avoids cutting hair completely, and it is completely safe and does not cause any wounds or scars.
How to perform hair transplantation with choi pens
After the surgeon draws the front line in the hair and defines the affected and donor areas, the patient is given a local anesthetic needle.
In the event that the patient suffers from an allergy in the scalp, anesthetic cream is used so that the patient does not feel any pain during the injection of the anesthetic.
Hair transplantation is based on the modern tool known as the Choi pen, where the surgeon can use six pens at the same time to reduce the time of the operation, and to prevent the scalp from being overburdened or the effect of the anesthetic ending, which requires the patient to be anesthetized again, as happens in other methods.
This method is the perfect choice for enhancing hair density, as it is suitable for all types of hair loss or hair loss cases.
The patient can leave the medical center immediately after the operation, as he does not need special care or follow-up.
When deciding whether to perform a hair transplant operation, it must first be ensured that the doctors and surgeons responsible for performing this operation are qualified, as it should be carried out by a team of the most skilled surgeons.
Dr. Pitkin Center is characterized by having a large group of the best doctors trained at the highest level for hair transplantation, where some improvements have been made to get the best benefit from Choi’s performance using the surgical feature of OSL used in hair transplantation and increasing its density.
Differences between it and the FUE technique
Hair transplant surgeries have made a great development, especially in recent times, thanks to their use of many surgical techniques, including what has been improved and has been used so far, such as the old technique FUT, as well as the modern FUE technique, and we will present the difference between hair transplantation by pens Choi and other methods.

Among the most important of these differences:

This method is known as the chip technology, and it is an old technology that has been introduced to some improvements that made it used until now.
This technique is based on cutting a part of the scalp and extracting its follicles, and re-planting them in the bald areas after preparing the reception channels.
It is taken for this method that its effect remains relatively visible due to the wounds caused by the hair transplantation process using the FUT technique, and it also requires more time to heal.
While the direct hair transplant technique with Choi pens is an innovative and advanced technology, it does not require cutting the scalp or a long time to perform it, and the patient does not need care after the procedure.
The extraction technique is based on opening channels to receive the follicles in the balding areas before transplanting them, where hair follicles are extracted from the donor areas without the need to cut the scalp, as it requires shaving the patient’s hair completely, and this method is not used in the direct Choi pens technique.
Fields of direct hair transplantation with Choi pens
This technique is suitable for each of the following hair transplant cases in Turkey:

Transplanting the hair of the head of women and men without cutting the hair completely.
Enhancing the density of the patient's hair in all areas.
Treating sideburns problems, whether in terms of increasing their density or planting them.
Beard and mustache transplantation as well as eyebrow hair transplantation.

Why choose direct hair transplantation with Choi pens in Turkey?
Reducing wounds and scars resulting from hair transplant surgery.
Choi pens do not need to completely shave the hair, making it more suitable for women who want to increase their hair volume.
The patient does not need care after the operation, as he can leave the hospital and resume his daily activities after hours.
Reducing the time spent in performing the surgery, as the modern Choi technology enables the surgeon to transfer hair from the donor areas to the targeted areas easily in the least possible time.
Turkey is characterized by the fact that it includes a selection of the most skilled specialists in hair transplantation, in addition to its reasonable cost that suits everyone, which makes you guarantee the success of the operation by 100%.
Turkey provides the patient with accommodation and various means of transportation at the lowest costs compared to other countries.
Turkey is also a prominent tourist place, which gives them the opportunity to enjoy the tourist attractions in Turkey.
Who is suitable for this technique for hair transplantation in Turkey?
All cases of baldness, hair loss or lack of density.
Hair transplant surgery is performed using Choi pens for those with thinning hair.
This technique is the best way for women who suffer from hair loss and do not want to shave their hair

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