The procedures followed before hair transplantation in Turkey and the tips and facts to be seen are very important, despite it being a simple surgical operation, and it is sometimes classified as “non-surgical”, but the patient, of course, enters the operating room, and is subjected to local anesthesia, so we see in a hair lighthouse a necessity to be informed Anyone who wants to cultivate this article and take note of all the information contained in it, because of this increases his reassurance, and alerts him to points that he may overlook

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Why do I see the procedures before hair transplantation in Turkey
It is normal for the patient to know the necessary procedures before any operation he performs for the following reasons:

Learn about the benefits and advantages of hair transplantation
See the expected negatives, and how to overcome them
Know the diseases that hinder the process
Informing all the details about the medical consultations before the operation
Reassurance of the level of quality in the operations provided in hospitals in Turkey, especially Istanbul
Knowing the extent of the expected results after the operation and the success rate of the hair transplant operation
Not to make mistakes that others make, which hinders the success of the operation
The most important procedures before hair transplantation in Istanbul
There are several procedures that you must take, and they are usually advised by the specialist doctor, and we will describe them in detail in the following paragraphs:

Medical examinations and analyzes
Before the operation, you will do the following checks:

Blood tests to ensure your safety from diseases that hinder the process, such as diabetes, blood pressure, syphilis, AIDS and liver diseases in general
Skin tests to make sure you are safe from any skin diseases that may cause the implants to cause infections in the scalp or the area targeted for implants
These examinations and analyzes are useful for:

Full briefing of the patient's condition and recording all observations in his medical file
Informing the patient of the effect of the treatments he is undergoing on the progress of the hair transplant process, and giving him an opportunity to make sure that they do not affect them or stop the negatively affecting treatments before the operation
Determine the extent of the expected outcome of the process
Knowing whether the patient can undergo this operation or not?
Prohibited foods before planting
The patient is prohibited from:

Spicy foods, at least 3 days before the operation
Foods and drinks that contain some harmful herbs
Stimulants, especially coffee and tea, should be minimized before the operation, and completely avoided 24 hours before the operation, because they lead to bleeding after hair transplantation.
What about the medications the patient is using?
For medicines, pay attention to the following:

Informing the doctor about the medications that the patient takes on an ongoing basis, and he will give advice to maintain them or leave them according to their expected effect after hair transplantation
Aspirin should only be taken on the advice of a doctor
Avoid alcohol and smoking
Those who drink it must stop drinking alcohol at least two weeks before, and it is preferable to quit completely to avoid its effect on the patient during or after the operation.

As well as for smoking, it must be quit at least two weeks before the date of the operation, and those who cannot do that must be warned at least against smoking one day before the operation because it affects the healing process of wounds

What about exercise?
You must completely stop strenuous exercises and sports that drain strenuous effort before the operation, as well as refrain from taking nutritional supplements several days before the operation.

Procedures on the day of the operation
On the day of the appointment for hair transplantation, the following tips must be adhered to:

Sleeping for long hours and avoiding staying up late before hair transplantation in Turkey
Avoid cosmetics without prior advice from a doctor
wear loose clothing
Avoid the use of strong-smelling perfumes and materials
Important facts before planting
There are some facts you should know about hair transplantation in Istanbul Turkey:

The operation is painless as it is performed under local anesthesia
The results of the operation and the speed of hair growth differ from one person to another, and this is related to the quality of the natural hair, the health status of the patient, and the extent of his commitment to the instructions and consultations before and after transplantation.
The transplanted hair usually falls out after 15 to 30 days after the operation, then the hair roots begin to grow naturally and for life