In this article, you will read comprehensive information about mesotherapy for hair in Turkey, starting with the reasons for using this treatment and choosing Turkey and Istanbul specifically for it, and ending with the features of the treatment, passing through the details of the treatment sessions you need.

You will not leave this article before you have enough information about mesotherapy, and everything you are looking for on this topic.

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Reasons for using mesotherapy for hair in Turkey
Let us divide the ideas of this paragraph into three sections in order to surround the aspects of the injection used according to this technique in Turkey:

The role of the mesotherapy injection in hair treatment
This treatment has a remarkable role in overcoming many problems related to hair loss and baldness, and its most important uses in this aspect:

Treatment of hair loss caused by malnutrition in the patient, which is usually fast, which requires resorting to injections to slow the speed of hair loss and contain the problem early.
Injections have proven to be very effective in treating weak hair follicles, even severe weakness
Mesotherapy injections do not cause any damage to the patient's scalp, as is the case in many traditional treatments for hair loss
The injection has an important role in stopping the speed of baldness, whether it is hereditary or resulting from emergency causes such as burning, for example, for both women and men.
Experiments have proven the excellent effectiveness of these injections in the treatment of alopecia
Treating dandruff and its urgent problems that lead to poor hair growth
Treatment of hair loss caused by hormonal imbalance
The injection represents a radical solution to the problems of poor blood supply to the hair follicles
Other benefits of mesotherapy
There are other benefits of this treatment are the following points:

Total treatment for all skin pigmentation diseases on the scalp
Melasma disease treatment
Performing skin regeneration in the targeted area by injection
Treating wrinkles on the scalp and fine threads, and getting rid of them permanently
Restores freshness to the skin in the areas targeted by injection
Get rid of hair loss problems
Eliminate the problem of dry hair
Reasons for choosing Turkey to receive this treatment
In addition to the role of mesotherapy in treating hair loss and the other benefits that we talked about, choosing Turkey in particular and Istanbul specifically to receive treatment in it is a smart choice for the patient for the following reasons:

Medical progress in Turkey and the quality of medical centers in Istanbul, which has become one of the most important destinations for those wishing to obtain the best hair loss treatments
Highly qualified medical personnel in Turkey
Cheap treatment costs compared to similar cases in European and American countries, even the Gulf countries and many Middle Eastern countries
Turkey is a very suitable country to spend the treatment and recovery period and to get plenty of rest for the patient to recover, taking advantage of its beautiful nature and mild weather, as well as the cheap costs of life compared to other countries that provide hair treatment to foreigners.
The development of medical tourism services in Turkey
The possibility of obtaining a short-term residence for treatment after issuing the necessary papers from the hospital, and the possibility of renewing it as necessary throughout the treatment period
Mesotherapy hair treatment session details
Before the treatment session, the necessary examinations must be carried out under the supervision of the specialized doctor, then prepare a file for you in the medical center or hospital, and make an appointment for the treatment session in which the following stages will take place:

First, your specialist doctor will sterilize the area to be targeted by injection
Local anesthesia is applied to the target area
Injecting the scalp with mesotherapy at a distance of only one millimeter
The doctor repeats the injection sessions as necessary, and in a chronological order that is determined according to the patient’s condition, and if the treatment is successful in the first session, the injections are repeated approximately every six months

Advantages of mesotherapy injection
Your choice of this type of injection does not come out of nowhere, but because of the many advantages that it has, namely:

Limited local anesthesia during the injection process
Mesotherapy injections in Turkey are limited to the target area only and with high accuracy, as the entire scalp is not injected during treatment sessions
The materials needed for your hair and appropriate for your condition are selected, and no other materials are added that you do not need, which reduces the rates of side effects
The recovery period after the injection is very short, and most cases do not need it, as the patient can immediately return to normal life immediately after leaving the treatment session.
The rapid appearance of the initial results of the operation approximately 4 weeks after the patient received the injection
The full results of the treatment begin to appear clearly after about half a year
Mesotherapy injections in Turkey usually contribute to the rapid cessation of hair loss by more than 90% in most cases of treatment