What are the secrets of successful hair transplantation in Turkey?
If you are wondering what are the secrets of the success of hair transplantation in Turkey, let me tell you that giving the appearance of permanent hair in a natural way will not be evident when the transplantation is completed in the head area. Hair transplantation is actually a simple surgery. For this reason, it is the safest way to do this in a hospital environment by specialized and experienced doctors and staff. With the application of hair transplantation, the person's hair is permanently gained as if it had never fallen out before. What are the secrets of successful hair transplantation in Turkey? It is actually restoring a person's natural hair appearance in a convenient way with modern medical applications.

To whom can hair transplantation be applied?
Today, nearly 50 percent of men over the age of 50 face hair loss. Therefore, hair transplantation is the most widely applied plastic surgery for men. Hair loss is not just for men. Women may also go bald.

Hair transplantation can be performed on all individuals of all ages, who have suffered from hair loss problems for various reasons in men and women between the ages of 19 and 20 years, and they do not have diseases that make hair transplantation not possible and must have sufficient follicles.

Why does hair loss happen?

Gene coding is one of the most important causes of hair loss. However, it can also occur as a result of advanced age, traumatic injuries, or various medical disorders. After diagnosing the doctor's supervision, hair transplantation is successfully applied to all people who have sufficient hair follicles in the donor area, and here lies the answer to your question: what are the secrets of successful hair transplantation in Turkey.

The transplantation method can be successfully applied not only to the scalp but also to hair loss in all areas of the body such as the eyebrows, mustache or beard.

How is hair transplantation done?
In practice, hair follicles taken from the back of the neck are transplanted to the targeted balding area. These follicles taken are called grafts. In rare cases, there is not enough healthy hair in the neck or temple area of ​​a person. In such cases, hair follicles can be taken from other parts of the person that contain hair, such as the arms or chest wall. Apply within a few hours depending on the amount of hair lost. If the balding area is very large, several sessions may be required to complete the treatment.

In general, the intervention is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. After hair transplantation, a special bandage is placed on the head. The person is discharged from the hospital after 1-2 hours. Although rare, analgesia is controlled with analgesics. In general, after 3 days of rest at home, it is possible to return to working life with the head covered. The first dressing is done on the fifth day.

What are the secrets of the success of hair transplantation in Turkey and what are the methods used in hair transplantation?
in hair transplant operations. The FUE method that does not leave a trace or methods that can leave a small trace on the neck are successfully applied. In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken one by one and transplanted into the missing areas, while in this method, the hair-containing skin line is removed from the back of the neck. The person to be transplanted must have healthy hair on both sides and a scalp to use as the donor area. Other factors such as hair color, degree of stiffness, waviness and hair density also affect the outcome of the procedure.

The preferred method is determined together after hair and scalp analysis, taking into account the person's priorities. Although the FUE method, which leaves no traces, is preferred, it may be necessary to apply the method in some cases.

What is the most important component of hair transplantation?
About the question: What are the secrets of the success of hair transplantation in Turkey? We will tell you that hair transplantation is a serious surgical application. To reduce the risks of hair transplantation, it should be performed in a hospital environment. It is very important that it be performed by well-trained and experienced plastic surgeons in terms of getting the best results. For a hair transplant to be successful, the transplanted hair follicles must quickly secrete blood in the area where they are transplanted. If the correct technique is applied, the success rate of hair transplantation is very high.

Does the transplanted hair fall out after hair transplantation?
The transplanted hair is lost within a few weeks after the transplant; But this is normal. Because the lost hair will grow back after 3-4 months. After resolving this temporary loss, the transplanted hair follicles maintain their normal nature and do not fall out. However, the main hair may fall out in the same place with time, and you may do a second transplant after that, and this depends on the decrease in the number of hairs. Hair loss after surgery may continue gradually. Especially if the head or shape is not beautiful in the new hair, and you may have to have an operation afterwards.

What are the risks of unconscious hair transplantation?
Like every medical intervention, hair transplantation can carry some risks if it is not performed under the right conditions. But make sure that if the transplant is done by an excellent surgeon, complications are rare. The transplant is according to baldness and may require approximately two years. Despite its extreme rarity, complications such as desirable infection and significant scarring can be observed. Pain, discomfort and some bruising and swelling can be noticed after the procedure and can be controlled with analgesics. In the areas where hair is removed and transplanted, numbness may occur within 2-3 months, which goes away spontaneously.

Am I a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?
If you have completed your physical development.
If you do not have a physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation.
If there are a sufficient and appropriate number of hair follicles in the donor area of ​​your head.
If there is a suitable area in the area to be transplanted, you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.
What are the secrets of the success of hair transplantation in Turkey The hair transplant process is not only for male hair loss; It is also applied with

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